Technology has greatly multiplied the number of voices we hear.   Media messages and electronic devices continually program the masses with such a  negative spin,  that it is often difficult to filter them. Above the cacophony of voices however, comes one that is all-powerful.  It is the only voice that rings true and does not waiver; it is the voice of  God.

In the beginning, the voice of God was so powerful that it created everything that exists. 

“In the beginning was the Word,…

All things were made by him.” Jn. 1:1,3

Psalm 29:3 & 4 says, “The God of glory

thunders; The voice of the Lord is powerful.”

The voice of the Lord is all-powerful. It is far more powerful than any manmade electronic instrument, message, media mogul, or personality. Compared to the voice of God, there is no greater teacher, no better message and no computer that can give you information faster. Most earthly voices are distractions that draw us away from God.  God’s voice however, remains our guiding light and our fountain of life (Jn. 1:4).  His voice is our essential food source and without it we die. Scripture declares, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Mt. 4:4    

Within the mixture of media hype is a perversion of truth that leads to self-destruction and ungodliness. These voices produce a mountain of noise that deafens people so they cannot hear God, but it is not insurmountable. The power of these media voices is removed at in instant when God speaks.

Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was determined to arrest Christians and stop the spread of the Gospel, but Jesus appeared to him on the Damascus road, knocked him off his horse and blinded his eyes. He got Paul’s attention and every preconditioned voice inside of Paul was immediately silenced. Paul cried out to God and listened intently for God’s reply. Paul heard God’s voice. He received an instant revelation, a much better message, a call to a purposeful life and a massive power upgrade. In an instant, he went from being God’s enemy to being the greatest apostle besides the Lord himself. The same voice that spoke to Paul is speaking today. The media voices cannot stop the plans of God; many more people are hearing from Jesus in our day than in Bible times.

The Lord has many ways to capture our attention. When we hear his voice, it always does us good – if we love truth. One may hear God speak at the birth of their child or when they look into the starry sky on a quiet summer’s night. Multitudes hear God when catastrophe strikes because their listening abilities become focused. They instinctively know that this might be God’s judgment and they need his mercy. Whether it is through kindness or severity, God can silence all other voices in an instant. When he breaks through the noise, he speaks to us individually. Even when we are caught in a global catastrophe, he still speaks to each of us as individuals. Each time he speaks we must choose to listen or to resist his voice, and that determines our future.

Those who choose to hear God’s voice begin to seek him and desire more guidance from him. Soon they discover that he is always speaking. All who listen intently become disciples. They learn to follow his voice.

Hearing God becomes every disciple’s secret treasure. 

There are eight main ways that God speaks to people. A normal disciple will regularly hear from God in at least four different ways. It is always desirable to hear God more accurately and more frequently.

Through how many of the following ways does God regularly speak to you?

1. Through Bible verses.

2. Through his voice, inside of you.

3. Through dreams and visions.

4. Through an audible voice.

5. Through another person such as a preacher or a prophet.

6. Through a fleece; a sign that you have specifically asked to see.

7. Through circumstances of life.

8. Through miracles, signs and wonders.

Ask the Lord to speak to you through all of these ways. At least three of them are needed to confirm a major course change in your life unless he speaks audibly.  After confirming that God has spoken, a key ingredient is needed for maximum results. The word of God must be mixed with faith and obeyed with the appropriate action. This releases God’s blessings.

Faith is always positive. It speaks the truth about God’s blessings regardless of negative circumstances. Faith sees beyond failure and lack. It proclaims the positive blessings of God. That is the way disciples live. The just,” (justified ones or Christians) live by faith (Ro. 1:17).

They listen, search and seek out the heart of God until they hear his voice. Then they ask, search, and seek out the Lord for confirmations. God reveals his word in several ways. Then the word must be mixed with faith. From start to finish, the disciple is thinking, praying, speaking, declaring and even singing the positive words of faith over the matter. They refuse to dwell on the negative. The more they hear from God, the bolder their positive faith proclamation becomes. The ability to exercise faith is a gift from God and it is also a learned skill.

Hearing God and responding in obedient faith will produce fringe benefits. Three main benefits are righteousness, peace and joy (Ro. 14:17). You get righteousness and peace when you receive ministry for yourself. You get joy when you minister to others. Do you hear God’s kind and positive voice speaking good things about you? If so, mix those words with faith. The result will produce righteousness and peace in your life. Righteousness, because you have the faith to know that he has saved you; peace, because you have the faith to know that he is looking after you.

Hearing God’s voice on behalf of others is also important. Does God speak good things to you about other people? If so, you must mix it with faith. Begin to pray and speak positive blessings of faith into the lives of those around you and it will produce great joy in your life. Giving God’s wonderful word to others will allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you and that will produce joy.

God’s voice is more powerful than any other voice. If you hear God’s word, mix it with faith and you will know the blessings of his kingdom. You will enjoy righteousness, peace, and joy.                   

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