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Joy and I have dedicated our lives to the strengthening and support of Christ's kingdom around the world. We invite you to join in our efforts to share God’s word with the nations by becoming a member of the Ambassador’s Club.

Our ambassadors are our most generous partners, giving $100 every month or $1200 once per year. As a member of our Ambassador's Club, you will receive:



When you join The Ambassador’s Club you will receive the following each month:

  • A special gift from Peter Wyns.
  • An exclusive invitation to special events (a few times per year).
  • A special message from Peter Wyns.
  • A subscription to our Insider’s monthly email.
  • Future access to the digital teaching vault, featuring hundreds of hours of ministry teachings.


If you already partner with us at the Ambassador level, we thank you for your faithful partnership. If you are interested in giving, we welcome you and thank you for partnering with us as an Ambassador.

Whether it’s thousands of people or just a few, we minister to leaders, congregations, widows, orphans, and the poor all over the world by setting captives free and imparting blessings. We teach God's word, train God's people, and release God's favor. Every day, we see the power of God changing people's lives. Whether our message is sent by books, digital devices, or radio waves, we give God the glory for all the amazing testimonies that follow.

Our prayer is that you and yours will be abundantly blessed, and that together we will see the increased power of the Holy Spirit in our nation and around the world.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of our Ambassador's Club, strengthening us, and helping us move forward with this powerful ministry.

With many blessings and much heartfelt appreciation,

Peter Wyns



Your donation as an Ambassador will help to fund Peter Wyns Ministries' mission to take the Gospel into every nation through means of television, internet, and radio.




Choose whether or not you want to commit to $100 or more per month or make an annual payment of $1,200 or more. Your commitment helps us forecast our broadcast goals up to a year in advance.




Click on the “Become An Ambassador” button and continue your registration. When you complete the form, you will become an official member of the Ambassador's Club.

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