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Dr. Wyns is the Director of Ministry for Christians for Messiah Ministries which is an apostolic ministry that extends oversight to more than 140 ministers across the United States as well as an international training hub through the CFM School of Ministry. To visit the ministry website go to For online class, registration go to

Our Mission

With in-depth teaching and powerful revelation, people from all walks of life and many different denominations are put on track with their destiny and calling in Christ. Dr. Wyns is available (as scheduling allows) to minister at churches, Bible Schools, and conferences, both large and small. He and his wife Joy are personable and friendly, which combined with their teaching gift, makes them a wonderful blessing to any church, group or individuals that they minister to.

Our Vision

Every year, Christians for Messiah Ministries provides ministry to thousands of people and congregations throughout the world. Through that ministry, many people come to Christ, dozens of congregations grow in faith, and thousands receive inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance. Many are further commissioned to be ministers of the Gospel themselves. It is our delight to equip God's people for the work of the ministry, reunite families and help churches find fresh vision.