The Holy Spirit is the presence of God who lives inside His people. He will live in us after our sins are removed through the work of Christ. The Bible says, the gift of the Holy Spirit is the down payment of our eternal inheritance. He comforts us in our discomfort, teaches us how to live, and equips us to minister with miracles. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit allows us to live beyond nature’s logic. He leads us to a supernatural life of answered prayer.


The Gift of the Holy Spirit
The Oil and The Wine
Is There Holy Water?
Wonderful Holy Spirit


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What People Are Saying…

"I am nothing without the Holy Spirit! Thank you Jesus for choosing me! I love you Holy Spirit!"

Marie • Detroit, Michigan

"The experience of feeling the Holy Spirit come to dwell inside me has sealed my faith in God with joy, peace, and righteousness."

Andre S • Houston, Texas

"I love you Holy Spirit! You are a gift from above from God and his son Jesus who sits at his right side. You are so kind when you help me, correct and direct me, and most of all you never leave me and you love me!"

Joyce • Portland, Oregon

Who is the Holy Spirit to you?