Understanding God’s Great Plan (UGGP) is a brief overview of God’s design from before the world was created to a future that is yet to come. Along the way, the book reveals the main pieces of the puzzle that are needed to complete the picture. It includes the creation of the world and the journey of man. This teaching is needed because many Christians behave as though the Bible begins in Matthew, with only the mention of creation and some stories of Old Testament heroes added. They do not understand the big picture and are therefore relegated to majoring on the minors. Without a more comprehensive overview, it is difficult for people to connect with the purpose of God for the planet, for Israel, Jerusalem, the nations, or the Church. Catching the vision of God’s plan will help motivate people to better partner with Him so they may seek His kingdom, government, and purpose first. That is what Jesus taught.

UGGP is about everything being created for God’s Son. That is the reason for the planet and for the creation of mankind. It is the reason for the importance of Jerusalem and the people of Israel. The book shows us that the nations were created for Him. All of the highpoints of history are focused on the Son of God. Isaac’s replacement lamb, the ark of the covenant, and the husband or every wife, are all pictures of Christ. Like the ark with its fire and glory finally coming to rest on the Temple Mount, so Jesus, in all of His fire and glory, will finally come and rule the nations from the Temple Mount.

The book reveals that the journey of humanity is central to the plan of God, for the creation of man provides the pathway for the creation of God’s family. Through the Lord Jesus, those who were made in God’s image are redeemed and made like Him. His glorious family becomes the fullness of Him who fills all in all. It is His inheritance. Forever the family of God, alongside of Christ, will rule the world and beyond. That family and fellowship with them is God’s plan from the beginning.

UGGP unwraps the main details of God’s design and puts it together in a simple book. It is compact and easy to understand and once understood, people will be better equipped to be in step with the Lord. That partnership is essential for God’s plans and purpose for these supernatural last days.       

Chapter 1God and His Son – Jesus is the focus of all of God’s plans. Everything was made by Him and for Him. All things have a future only if they are in Him. He always has the first place.

Chapter 2The Throne of God and of the Lamb – The end of God’s plan is the Throne of God and Jesus in Jerusalem. That is why we never forget Jerusalem but make her our highest joy.

Chapter 3God Makes Plans – Seven sub-plans are: 1. Before earth was made God had a great PLAN. 2. He plans a great PLANET. 3. He plans a great POPULATION, in His image. 4. He plans a great PERSON, Abraham. 5. He plans a great chosen PEOPLE, the Jews. 6. He plans to send His great PRINCE, Jesus. 7. He plans a great PLACE, Jerusalem. All were planned in eternity past.

Chapter 4The Foundation Stone – Have you ever wondered why the Jews and Jerusalem are given such enormous focus in the Bible? It is because God planned to set the throne of His Son on the foundation stone on the Temple Mount. 1. From there He will rule the universe. 2. On that Mountain Jesus died for the sins of the world and was raised to life. 3. The temple was built over the stone and the ark of the covenant rested on it. 4. It was Arunah the Jebusite’s threshing floor and David bought it. 5. It was the stone that Abraham offered Isaac on. At that time it was called Mount Moriah. 6. It is believed that Adam was created at that exact site. 7. It is believed that the earth was formed and made around the foundation stone.       

Chapter 5The Ark of the Covenant – The ark represented Jesus. In it was the Ten Commandments, the manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded. (The bread of life, the word of God and the High Priest’s attestation.) It had to finally be set on the Temple Mount. A fire and a cloud coming from it represented the glory and protection of God covering His people. It represented Immanuel – God is with us. Jesus will fulfill all of those details in His time.

Chapter 6The Journey of Man – God created man in His image and designed a pathway for the making of His family. From creation, to his redemption in Christ, man is being prepared for his future. From the infilling of the Holy Spirit to his perfection at the resurrection, we are becoming God’s amazing family, the fullness of Him who fills everything.

Chapter 7Why the Church? – The Church is the training ground for a family of disciples. It teaches us spiritual authority,  submission, character, and  the gifts and power of God. It is here that we learn to work together as a spiritual family. That is God’s end-goal for us.

Chapter 8God’s Government – God gave Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers to the church to lead and train His family in the supernatural life of God. It is such a challenge for God’s government and those who lead under their oversight to be received and to lead well. This, however, cannot be circumnavigated. Pray that God will bring them forth.

Chapter 9The Harvest – The Lord is looking for a huge family. From the beginning, the plan has been set in place. Revival will come and a saved and sanctified multitude will stand before the throne of God and become the great family of God. That is the harvest God looks for.

Chapter 10Called Into Fellowship – Fellowship means unity and harmony with God and His people. It is the essence of our togetherness, the ability to be one as the Father and Jesus are. It is sharing God’s goodness and grace. This brings us to the fullness of Joy. It completes us.

Chapter 11Myriads of Angels – Angels were created to serve God, and in this age the Lord has released them to serve us. They have godly character and supernatural power. They are everywhere and have been commissioned to protect, provide, teach, give us God-sent messages, and help us find our destiny. Their activity will increase at the end of the age.

Chapter 12The Second Coming – After the great tribulation Jesus will come again. He will destroy evil and imprison the devil and his angels. He will judge the nations, reward His people, and recreate the earth. At that time, the dead in Christ shall be raised to be like Him.

Chapter 13The Millennial Kingdom – After the second coming of Christ, He will usher in His thousand year reign on earth. Those who are His, at His coming, will be immortal. They will rule the nations and help Him rebuild the world that suffered judgment during the tribulation.         

Chapter 14Life in the Millennium – Mortals will live and procreate during the thousand year reign of Christ. The earth will be repopulated with many billions of people. Dangerous animals will be as pets and there will be no hurt on the earth. The leaves and water near Christ’s throne in Jerusalem will be for the healing of the nations. At the end of that era Satan will be released to tempt the mortals. Many will march on Jerusalem and they will be destroyed.

Chapter 15The New Physics – After the thousand year reign of Christ is complete, people of every era will be sent to Hell or given immortality with God forever. Then death will be no more. That means that a new physics will rule the natural order of things in the universe. Presently heat is needed and it comes from death. As a sun dies it uses up its fuel and heats a solar system. All living things die and decompose giving off enormous heat. Things will be different in eternity.

Chapter 16World Without End – We are not given many details about the universe that we will be entering in the future. And we are not given details of what we will be doing. It is fair to say, however, that we will do what Jesus does for we will be like Him. I imagine space travel, teleporting, supernatural abilities and amazing authority. It is conceivable that we will not just rule over new worlds but possibly create them as well. Get ready, for eye has not seen nor has ear heard what is laid up for those who love the Lord.