2020 was a year that shook everything — America, the world and everyone in it.

We have started a new year, but the challenges we faced in 2020 are still present, now.

Political instability. Disagreement. Bitterness. Hate. Social turmoil. A world in dire need.

As believers in Christ, what are we to do in these times? How should we pray? What should be our focus?

Discover the key to maintaining your daily mission and accomplish God’s purpose for your life in this season!


The Kingdom Coalition Manifesto: Expanded Edition

In this brand new release for 2021, Dr. Peter Wyns sets forth a call to all believers to stand together during this hour of polarization in America. The Church is called to be a city set on a hill, and a light to the nations. Get the new release and be equipped and empowered today!


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Who is Dr. Peter Wyns?

Dr. Peter Wyns is the President and Director of Ministry for Christians for Messiah Ministries as well as the Lead Pastor at Antioch International Church. Antioch International Church is the flagship church of Christians for Messiah Ministries.

He has been teaching and ministering God's word for more than 50 years and has ministered in more than 40 nations around the world.

Dr. Wyns is a Father in the faith and continues to bring healing, deliverance, and inspiration to all generations across the globe.