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POWERFUL NEW BOOK by Dr. Wyns is a must read for today. Learn how to interpret and understand what God is saying in your dreams, visions and revelations. 

The Creator of the universe is speaking to you in your dreams. Unlock Heavenly secrets for intimacy, personal healing and strategy. This new book will teach you how to interpret dreams, visions and revelations from God.


Great teaching about dreams! We should all take them more seriously! This book will help you understand, interpret, and take your dreams more seriously! ~ Valentina M.

Diana R. wrote, ‘Great book.’  C. Denise Y. wrote, ‘Awesome!’ Barb Jane G. wrote, A must-read.’  

‘Just finished reading … excellent!’ ~ Marie A.

God is speaking to you in your dreams!

In his new book, Dreams, Visions & Revelations & How to Interpret Them, Dr. Wyns shares how God releases detailed information, personal healing, and intimate discipleship through dreams, so that a believer may be joined to the heart of God. Available now.

  • Dreams are divine communication.
  • Learn how God is speaking to you in your dreams.
  • Learn how to practically & biblically interpret dreams.
  • A most important book right now for Christian living.


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