Godly parenting is an essential mission of every Christian parent. How can Christian parents best bring their children up in the ways of the Lord? By pursuing God’s will and inviting the power of the Holy Spirit into your life, you will experience supernatural wisdom and strength as you raise disciples of Jesus within your home.

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An all-new book from Dr. Peter Wyns especially for parents!

In this practical, informative and entertaining guide for parents, you will find practical guidelines and effective tools to keep your children safe, creative and spiritual.
The amazing stories and dynamic life-lessons in this book will empower your parenting and encourage you along the way!

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Raising Our Children For God: A Generational Study is a practical, informative, and entertaining guide for parents. Dr. Peter Wyns, and some family members have laid down powerful guidelines that will help you raise your children for God. We are facing enormous cultural and spiritual battles and need effective tools to keep our children safe, creative and spiritual. This book will teach you how to train infants, toddlers and young children, as well as teens and those going off to college and getting married. With amazing stories and dynamic life lessons, you will be able to avoid many pitfalls and train up a new generation of disciples for Christ.

Teachings on Family

A Great Heritage
Family Revival
The Godly Family
Faith For Your Children And Grandchildren

Great Reward for Kids

Have fun as you teach your children valuable life lessons from the Bible!

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"Pastor Peter's teachings on being a Godly parent have inspired and encouraged us on our journey of raising disciples who love Jesus!"

Amanda • Long Island, NY

What does Godly Parenting mean to you?

Raising Our Children For God

Be encouraged, inspired and equipped in your parenting.

Price: $15.99
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