The family is so significant, but is often unappreciated by church leaders. A godly family is a huge part of God’s kingdom plan. Just because we are Christians and attend church does not mean we have a godly family. A godly family has a spiritually dynamic. It is filled with the love, power, and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. A godly family is not one that simply believes in Christian values or claims a Christian heritage. Too many children grow up in such a home and wander from God as they become adults. Much more is required in a godly home. Two scriptures on the theme of the family stand out as being misunderstood by some preachers. The first one states, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Ps. 127:1 This verse is not, first of all, in reference to the church being built by God. It is, first of all, about a human family being built by God. A second scripture that is often taken out of context on this theme is, “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” Ps. 133:1 First and foremost this refers to human bothers living in harmony and is not primarily referring to unity in the church. The family, as God intended it, is an amazing component of his kingdom. God’s plan cannot be completed without godly families. As goes the family, so goes God’s plan.   

The Family Under Attack

From the very start of the human race the family has been under attack. In the first family, Cain killed his brother Abel. Then Jacob and Esau were estranged. Joseph’s brothers threw him into a pit and planned to kill him. Individuals in David’s family mocked him, overlooked him, betrayed him, and even tried to kill him. Today the homosexual agenda embraces an aggressive attack against the family. They stole the word ‘gay’ and the symbol of the rainbow, and are now trying to steal the very meaning of family. It is not a matter of equality, it is an attack against God and his eternal plan for humanity. In the end, they will not succeed.

Psalm 133 tells us that when brothers dwell together in unity it is good and peasant. It is like the anointing from heaven that comes on the priests. It is as if the gushing waters of Mt. Hermon were falling upon the Temple Mount and on God’s purposes in Jerusalem. God has commanded His blessings to come to families that live in love and unity.

The Invention of the Family

The family is a heavenly invention, not an earthly one. Scripture says, “For this reason I kneel before the       Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name.” Eph. 3:14-15

The family comes from God the Father and was in heaven before being on the earth. Every family in heaven and on earth is called a family because God gives it that name. It is amazing that all around the world, in every country and every society, the family unit exists. It is usually a husband and a wife and some children. The family is one of God’s great gifts to humanity. It carries the essence of friendship, strength, service and care, and those who have a functional family are blessed. A dysfunctional family is one where there is abuse or neglect and that is usually disastrous.

Adoption is so beautiful because it takes a disconnected person and puts them in the blessing of a family. The Bible tells us that God puts the solitary or the lonely person in families. (see  Ps.68:6) Satan hates a godly family, for it facilitates God’s purpose on the earth. Nothing is more diabolical to the devil than a family filled with the power and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

A Godly Family is Intentional

To raise a godly family one must be intentional. When children are young they may be sweet and obedient. As they grow older their hearts can close up and their interaction with the family can become quiet and dry. This is a sign that they are drifting away from the godly foundations of the home. If they can talk about everything except the Lord, a problem is already visible. It means they are not spiritually minded. Parents must insist, in a loving way, that wrong attitudes and behavior are corrected and that the family is interactive. An intentional family has a lot of special events and celebrations. They work together, play together, attend church together, and pray together. Here are three biblical words that will be a reality in every godly family; Faith, Hope and Love. (See 1Cor. 13: 13)

The How to Make a Godly Family

It is vital that every individual in a family has faith, hope and love in their lives. They should not simply believe in these things but actually practice them and own them. This involves more than teaching, it involves training. Teaching is giving instruction, but training insists that the teaching is followed through. That means the one being trained will find real faith and hope and they will exercise genuine love toward the Lord and their family.

Family Members Owning Faith

Faith is a trust in God that is fully embraced. It means we put God first in everything. It is a trust that goes to the core of who we are and causes us to follow the Lord no matter the cost. Everyone must walk with the Lord until their personal faith grows and becomes dynamic.

Heartfelt worship and continuous talking with the Lord is what builds faith in our lives. We cannot make worship happen but we can make praise happen. When we praise the Lord we sing songs of adoration and exaltation to him. When we do this passionately then the Lord begins to make his presence known to us. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit anoints us and if we press in with adoration and commitment the Lord fills us with his Holy Spirit. Then the Spirit of the Most High overshadows us and we become a spiritual person.

Worship and fellowship with the Lord leads us to the obedience of a Spirit-filled life. When the Spirit life is missing or if we cease to worship and obey the Lord then we lose faith and wander away from Him. A life of faith must be encouraged. Only then will we have a godly family.

Family Members Owning Hope

Hope is about the future. Families should talk together and make plans for the future together. This communication should focus on God’s will for our lives. Like the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31, with God, we are not afraid of the future. Without a hope–filled perspective on the future, families will not have vision. Individuals will cast off restraint and they will perish spiritually. Talk about education, serving the Lord, family activities, and events. Every member of the family should be engaged in planning a God-filled, hopeful future.


Family Members Owning Love

Love is the great blessing in the family. Without it a family cannot be a godly family. This begins with a fervent love for the Lord Jesus. Then parents must love each other and demonstrate it before their children. From there, parents should consistently correct unloving behavior in their children. Love in the family should be expected, meticulously taught and always exercised.

Love is kind, caring, serving, protecting, encouraging and it always believes in others. Love stands with family members even when they make mistakes and fail. Love always hopes, believes for the best, and endures every challenge and disappointment. Love shields other members of the family. Love never fails. (See 1Cor. 13)

When love is in the home, everyone feels like they belong and are important. Effective communication of this love is essential for it to work. Love must always be shared, so if love is not felt then it has not been properly communicated and then it is not love at all. Love means that families sacrifice and give of themselves until every member knows they are loved. This kind of love produces every good thing. It is the very heart and soul of a godly family.

This love must also be given to others outside of the family. The love of God flowing through us is our ministry.    

It is time for families to recognize the importance of who they are. A godly family will tear down the works of darkness and release the blessings of God on their community. This family is a rock of strength to the church and a lighthouse of salvation to the world.



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