CFM Ordinations

On Sunday, July 5th, Dr. Peter Wyns will be ordaining ministers at Antioch International Church in
Fort Mill, SC. Those who lead a qualifying ministry and are in the right relationship with us can be ordained.

Those who do not lead a ministry but serve as extraordinary disciples of Christ can receive
ordination as an Associated Worker. You may go online at to receive details of
the path that must be taken for each of these designations. The wonderful blessing at this time is that all CFM School of Ministry Classes are free, so taking the required courses could not be easier.

Free CFM School of Ministry Classes

In order to help train God’s people during this challenging time, CFM has decided to make our
ministry and discipleship classes free from now until the end of June. We encourage you to go
online to and begin learning and enjoying today. Tell your friends about
this great opportunity so they also can become better equipped to serve and discover the call
of God in their lives.

Corona Virus

As you know, everything has shut down. This including airlines, national sports events, restaurants,
some grocery stores, and churches. Perhaps not since WWII has their been such restrictions mandated around the world.

But my question is “How should the church respond to the policies associated with this pandemic?”
The governments of the world are frightened, not because of what has happened but because of what is likely to happen if insufficient precautions are taken. This is not fake news. This is real and the Bible warns of such and worse things in the future (See Mt. 24, Lk. 21, and the book of Revelation).

I encourage you to watch our Sunday morning and Wednesday night messages. Also, please read my books Unexpected Fire, Understanding God’s Great Plan, and The Powerful Little No Rapture Book.

Read these books for a balanced understanding of what is happening and what is coming. During this time we should take precautions. Washing hands, guarding the elderly and not exposing ourselves to unnecessary gatherings are wise. We should follow the directions of our government as long as we can. Christians, however, should be different than the rest of the world. This is a trial run of something much worse. Is the church rising to walk with God? We should not let fear rule our lives. We should listen to God.

Antioch International Church has not closed our Sunday or Wednesday services but we are careful. From now until the first week of July we have special services as well. We will celebrate Mother’s Day (May10), Pentecost Sunday (May 31), Father’s Day (June 21), Honor America Sunday (June 28), and also Ordination Sunday (July 5).

  1. We will not stop laying hands on the sick and praying for them so that they might be healed.
  2. We will not stop the assembling of ourselves together unless the Lord directs us otherwise.
  3. We will praise and worship Him extravagantly.
  4. We will put our full trust in the Lord according to the receiving of His word.
  5. We will boldly prophesy, proclaim and preach the good news of God’s kingdom, His love and His mercy and grace. We expect miracles, revival and the increased power of the Holy Spirit.

Peter Wyns /CFM – Ambassador’s Club

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Ministry Highlights is produced by “Christians for Messiah Ministries” (CFM). Dr. Peter Wyns is the
President of CFM and the Head Pastor of Antioch International Church. He has served as a pastor for 50 years and traveled to more than 45 nations. To support this ministry, send your gifts to PO Box 36324, Rock Hill, SC, 29732, USA. Ph 803-324-0739 or 704-608-7793, e-mail: [email protected]

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