“You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly.” Heb. 12:22 Some translations say, myriads of angels, or an innumerable company of angels. There are literally billions of them. Every child born on the planet has an angel assigned to them (see Mt. 18:10). If there are billions of people alive on earth, and each was assigned an angel when they were born, then there must be billions of angels. Revelation 5:11 says there are ten thousand times ten thousand angels, plus thousands upon thousands of other angels, circling the throne, worshipping God. Ten thousand times ten thousand equals one hundred million angels, plus others in the throne room, plus those on assignment. And those are just the regular angels, there is still cherubim, seraphim, and archangels.  The number of angels is innumerable. An innumerable means – a number that cannot be counted. Besides The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, angels are the most powerful beings in the universe. They are worshippers, and all of them are warriors.  When they move forward in battle formation, they shift to the right and to the left in synchronized harmony like a mile-wide school of fish. They cannot be outflanked. Furthermore, we see from Hebrews 12:22 that they are in joyful assembly. They are powerful, yet joyful warriors.                     

Flocking to Earth

At the end of the age, we learn that angels will descend to earth in unprecedented numbers. They come to serve God’s people during the great tribulation (See Rev. 6:13). They will drop to earth like ripe figs on a very windy day.

They are ministers (flames of fire) sent to serve those who will inherit salvation (See Heb. 1:14). Before, and during the great tribulation, God, the Farmer, will be focused on bringing in the harvest of the earth. He is receiving His inheritance, the massive ingathering of souls from the nations of the world. International revival will soon be afoot and the church will partner with the Lord in the work. There will be a battle and it will be very intense. At the same time, multitudes of angels will be on assignment to assist the saints and procure the harvest. Already, many are here and we can only expect multitudes more. Have you seen them? Have you seen their work? Do your children tell you that they have seen angels? Do not be surprised; it is inevitable.     


Almost every hero in the Bible experienced angel encounters. From Adam to John; from Genesis to Revelation, angels are common place in the scriptures. It seems that you cannot find God without finding angels. In fact, we started this article by quoting, “You have come to… angels.”

Scripture says, they were there when the foundations of the earth was laid and that they sang together with joy. They presented themselves to the shepherds at the time of Christ’s birth and again they sang for joy, and they will be singing “Hallelujah” when the marriage of the Lamb takes place at the end of the great tribulation (see Rev. 19).

They visited Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, David, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elijah, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Peter, John, Philip, Steven and Paul; to mention just a few. Angelic visitations are not reserved to Biblical times. About one third of the people in our church say they have seen angels. I have seen them in my dreams and it is common for folks to tell me they see angels behind me while I am preaching.

Over the past one hundred years soldiers fighting the first and second world wars testify of angels that saved them from certain death. Israeli solders tell of numerous occasions when    angels accompanied them in battle against invading Muslim armies. On one occasion, a small handful of     Israelis were up against hundreds of Arab soldiers. It looked as though they had come to an end when suddenly the entire Arab battalion turned and fled. It was later reported that the invading army became frightened when they saw a huge angel appear behind the Israelites. Soldiers on both sides of the conflict have testified to the validity of this encounter. These visitations are not hidden or kept secret. You can go online and read about these amazing stories. entire film series on this theme has been produced by Questar. It highlights many of these events and is available for purchase online. The series is called, Against all Odds—Israel survives.

They May Be Strangers

Angels may look like lions, eagles or six winged creatures with hundreds of eyes. They can also appear as humans. The Bible says they may visit you and you might not recognize them. We are exhorted to entertain strangers for they may be angels (see Heb. 13:2). 

Angels Ready to Serve

A major responsibility of angels is to serve the followers of Christ. There are five ways they will help them. 

1. Angels Protect

As warriors, angels serve God’s people by protecting them.

“The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him., and he delivers them.” Ps. 34:7

On two occasions an angel came and rescued the apostle Peter and other disciples, from prison (see Acts 5:19 and 12:3-19).

2. Angels Provide

There are countless examples of angels bringing food and other supplies to help God’s people in a time of need. It happened to my grandmother, to John Babu in India and to George Muller, the famous minister in England. In the Bible, angels brought food to people (see 1Kgs. 19:5).

In dreams, God has showed me my provision angels. They have helped me on many occasions.

3. Angels Comfort

The greatest example of angels comforting someone is when they ministered to Jesus. On two instances, one in the wilderness and one in the garden, they comforted Him (see Mt. 4:11, Lk. 22:43). If Jesus needed their comfort, we certainly need it as well.

4. Angels Teach and Instruct

Angels have taught me in my dreams. In the Bible, the place where we see the teaching angels is in the book of Revelation. Here are some of those references where angels are teaching. (Rev. 1:1, 8:13,  10:5-11, 14:7, 14:9, 17:7, 17:15, 19:10, 21:9, 22:1, 8-11, 16.)

5. Angels Help Us Fulfill Our Destiny

The most common appearances of angels in the Bible is in reference to helping people fulfill their destinies. Destiny is the calling of God on our lives and as such, it is part of God’s great plan. His children are part of His plan so He sends angels to help us fulfill our destiny and thus fulfill His own. 

To help fulfill their destinies, angels appeared to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Ezekiel, Gideon, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Paul, Philip, Peter, John and many others.

“An angel…said to Philip, “Go south to the… desert…” on the way he met an Ethiopian eunuch, an… official in charge of all the treasury of the… queen of the Ethiopians. Act 8:26-27

Philip taught the Ethiopian about Jesus and the church of Ethiopia was started. Philip went on to evangelize the eastern sea board of the Mediterranean. Angels were sent to help him fulfill his destiny.

Angels have been sent to help you serve the Lord. Give thanks to God, for they will protect, comfort, teach and guide you. They will bring you provisions and help you fulfill your destiny. Get ready; you will be working with angels to fulfill the plans of God. 

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