Success is about choices. Making choices is integral to the way God designed the human experience. At the top of the choices-list is the sacred message of Christmas. It is an awesome opportunity to choose Christ as Savior and Lord. To those who say, “No way,” Christ is offensive, but to those who choose the Babe of Bethlehem, it is everlasting life. Christ came down, so we might go up. His plan is simple; He looks for a family to love, and if we choose to accept His invitation, we become super-human, like Him. The whole deal is constructed on the choice of whether or not we trust Him. We must trust that the Bible is His invitation letter, and that His word is true. He lets us choose.  

How It Works

To understand how the invitation is made, we must understand the three absolutes of the Gospel. They involve discovering who God is, and what His design for salvation entails. Here are the three absolutes.

Firstly, the Bible teaches us that God’s character is love and that He is holy, wise, and all-powerful.

Secondly, we discover that He is more fair than any earthly judge. Contrary to some, He does not throw people into Hell for not knowing, or never having an opportunity to choose. That would be contrary to His character. That would mean that He is unfair; not loving and kind. Let’s stick with our understanding of who God is. He is gracious, loving, and kind.

Thirdly, no man comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ, His Son (See John 14:6). That is because Jesus, His Son, died for the sins of the world. It was such an all inclusive sacrifice that it cannot be overlooked or sidestepped. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and God will not accept a substitute pathway into His family. So there is only one way to heaven.

It is only logical that God would give everyone He made an opportunity to choose salvation through   Jesus Christ. Even those who have never gone to church or received the Gospel message from a Christian should have opportunity to choose. He is the creator of every person, yet how can He possibly make this choice available? We don’t know for sure, but He has ways beyond what we see; He is God. We know He has angel messengers, dreams, visions and death-bed experiences and He can orchestrate circumstances to reveal Christ to people who cannot hear of Him through other ways. I have personally met people who have come to Christ through such unconventional experiences. He wishes that no one perish, but that all would come to salvation (see 1Tim. 2:4).

If someone has a love for the truth, God will find a way to reach out to them with the message of Christ. Only God knows the details of everyone’s journey, but we cannot forget the three biblical absolutes of the Gospel that I mentioned earlier. God is love, God is just, and no one comes to Him except through    Jesus Christ. He will give everyone an opportunity to choose His Son, and those who do will be rewarded beyond measure. So, even though Christ was not born in the winter, when we celebrate Christmas, the message of Christmas still leads us to the greatest choice of all time. Praise God for Christmas! 

In Christ You Get More Choices

Now that you have chosen Christ as your Lord and Savior, the door opens for many more amazing choices. The Holy Spirit will become your teacher and He will put before you choice after choice in the days to come. Each of these choices leads to greater and greater blessings. With amazing attention to your personal disposition, the Holy Spirit will show you the best choices for your progress. He will show you why these choices are the best for you and how they will benefit you.

Then you must choose to obey and that involves more than just a mental agreement, it involves a change of behavior and activity. Every time you make the right choice, something changes inside of you and you become more like Christ. Your character gets better and you become more likable, wiser, more loving, and more powerful. 

Supernatural Introductions

While many good choices you make change your character, other good choices will lead you to the world of miracles and the supernatural.

The Bible reveals the life of Christ as He grew from a baby to a powerful miracle worker. God’s design is that you also begin to perform miracles, so that His love for people will be at work in and through you.

The Christmas choices are about your journey to discover your destiny. Right choices bring amazing changes, and the changes bring about God’s plan for your life.   

Soon, the Holy Spirit, will focus your attention toward prayer and believing for amazing things. As you make the right choices, He gives miraculous gifts that equip you to live a supernatural life. Make the right choices and you will begin to receive tools that give you special insights into people’s problems and what they need to be healed or delivered from sickness, darkness, and entrapments. You become a minister.

Faith Choices

As we make good choices, we grow

in the wisdom, knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit. Then, the choices do not become easier, they become more challenging. Our future is determined by our decisions to make the right choices as God puts them before us. Our growth stops if we refuse to make right choices, but it moves forward at great speeds when we step out with increased faith.

From here on, every choice requires more faith. It is not just that God does miracles, but that He wants to do them through us. A life of godly character can lead to miracles. Correspondingly, a life of miracles requires more changes in character. Miracles open the door for us to be proud or impatient with others and that requires more character corrections.

Christmas Choices

It is Christmas! We are focused on the Christ child, the hope of the world. He brings much more than most people realize. He came to bring us into the benefits and blessings of His Father’s family. He gives us choices and the choices lead to unlimited glory.

The Bible says it like this;

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” Ro.8:32  

A line from, “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” says, “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.” It is true, every great hope that could possibly be in the human heart is surpassed by God’s blessings. He has prepared untold glory for everyone who makes the right choices, and they begin when we choose the babe in the manger. So celebrate Christmas and understand your Christmas choices. 


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