The spiritual climate has shifted in the Western World. Most believers know something is wrong, but do not know what. This is not the stuff of fairy tales; it is an demonic plan to undermine the nations and destroy the faith of God’s people. The devil has been scheming for a long time, evil spirits are emboldened, and gross darkness is increasing. It has arrived on our doorsteps, because the people of God have opened their homes and their lives to the detestable things. The Lord warned His people, “When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations.” De. 18:10 Following this verse is a list of the detestable things. Combined with the list in Isaiah 47:12 it includes; idolatry, witchcraft, occult practices, sexual immorality, horoscopes, divination and sorcery. Listen to the Lord! “The images and their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourself or you will be ensnared by it … Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction.” De. 7:25-26                

Watch Out

As we study the letters to the churches of Asia, in the book of Revelation, we discover the problems of the church at the end of the age. The list is a picture of the challenges that the church is facing today. It includes; being lukewarm, tolerating witchcraft, sexual immorality, and materialism.

It seems the church is asleep, as if the people have been drugged. One day, God’s people will wake up and see the terrors of hyper-demonism and all of its effects.

For thousands of years, since the warning of witchcraft was first written in the scriptures, God’s people have been learning to imitate the detestable things of other nations. In modern times the problem has increased through movies, games and TV and through other witchcraft-infused media.

It is time that the people of God ask the Lord to come and clean their homes. It is time to get rid of detestable things.

It Seems Ok

The violent terrorism in the nations of the world, is a picture of the spiritual terrorism that is on the attack. We seem to tolerate it because it is far away, on the other side of the world. We know, however, it is getting closer to home; it is on our doorsteps and it is not going away.

I suggest that God’s people should get their homes in order. When I say, “Let Jesus clean your home”, I mean ask the Holy Spirit to show you if there is any unclean thing in your home that could be a contact point or a doorway for demons to infiltrate or hassle you, or to interfere with someone in your family.

Let us take a look at the detestable things mentioned in the Bible. First of all, here are the three branches of witchcraft that you and your family should stay clear of. They are, idolatry, divination and sorcery. Anything connected with these is detestable to the Lord, and demons take undue liberties with people wherever these activities, or objects associated with them, abound.


In order to wake up God’s people, we must be educated regarding the detestable things of the nations that have infiltrated people’s homes for thousands of years. Some things may have simply crept in, but they must not stay.

Divination is an activity to ensnare people using spiritual means. It seeks after supernatural favor that comes from a different source other than God. These activities include fortune telling, horoscope reading, conversing with the dead, séances, power pyramids or crystals, supernatural games, tarot cards, divining rods, charms, spiritual trinkets, symbols such as the broken cross, and so-called good luck charms. Promiscuity, infidelity, adultery, sexual addictions and perversions are spiritual. People become one spirit with another person when they are intimate. Outside of marriage it becomes an act of divination. This is not a complete list, but it serves to reveal the type of things used in divination. 


Sorcery is a type of witchcraft that attempts to exercise power or control over someone by using a spiritual force. It includes things like Voodoo, casting spells, and ritualistic satanic worship. It can also include soulish or religious manipulation and false prophecies. Powerful music with an evil message, and hallucinatory drugs, including some prescription medications are a form of sorcery. Pornography is addictive and involves powerful sorcery. Sorcery often uses symbols such as dragons, human skulls, animals, totems, sexual symbols and obvious signs of witchcraft such as goat heads and pentagrams.


Idolatry is the study, fascination, or worship of other gods or spiritual entities. It includes studying or following any religion besides Christianity or Judaism. This includes some so-called Christian groups who are involved in damnable heresies. They deny the deity of Christ, the power of miracles, the cross, and the resurrection. Stay away from them. This also includes secret societies, especially those that involve oaths and spiritual initiation rituals.

Idolatry includes worshipping idols or reading books that focus on spiritual powers or phenomena other than that of the Lord. Many missionaries have brought demonic, idol deities from Africa, and other nations, into their homes as trophies of their missionary work. They are unaware that they may have opened the door to demonic activity in their homes.

Idolatry (following after other gods)      includes a fascination with horror movies, cult followings of science fiction fantasies,  reading books on the occult or collecting evil paraphernalia.

Idolatry welcomes other spirits into your home. It includes yoga, eastern or Indian meditation, channeling, dream catchers and special medical practices that involve a spiritual element.   

Idolatry involves the antichrist spirit. It seeks to challenge, undermine and displace the teachings of Christ and the principles of the Bible in your life. Do not invite a witch or a warlock into your home or around your children. 

Witchcraft, with its 3 branches, is the work or influence of spiritual powers that are not from God the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Do not let it inside your home. It is detestable to the Lord.

Let Jesus Clean Your Home

Pray and ask the Lord if there is any unclean thing in your home. Check the things that have been passed down to you from your ancestors and check your bookshelf and your video library.

You may think witchcraft is not real or that, in our modern world, it is not a problem. The Bible, however, warns us of the increased level of witchcraft that is coming (see Revelation 9:20-21). It is on the rise and the people of God must take a stand. Evil spirits are looking for doorways. If they see an object of contact, it is a welcome mat for them. It doesn’t matter what these things mean to you, it matters what they mean to demons.

The practice of cleaning your home is not just an Old Testament tradition, in the book of Acts, people of the New Covenant had spiritual house cleanings. “Many of those who believed … confessed their evil deeds. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls … and burned them publically. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas.” Acts 1918-19

May the Lord give you wisdom and authority so that you will clean your home of every detestable thing.


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