In times of spiritual battle the Lord raises up two kinds of prophets: those on the front lines and those who go undercover. God’s eternal purpose is unstoppable but He does not accomplish His purpose singlehandedly; He calls forth His prophets to partner with Him. Some openly proclaim the right ways of the Lord in the public square. Others, influence those around them with the same message but in a more secret manner. They are the undercover prophets. Prophets intercede. They stand in the gap to ask God for mercy instead of judgment and they build up and fortify the walls of strength around the weak and vulnerable. When the Lord sees these righteous efforts He works with those disciples for the good of the people. He orchestrates circumstances, releases miracles, sends protection angels, and raises up more coworkers. The powerful prophets who serve on the front lines are under constant threat of attack and are often unaware of the other prophets whom the Lord has enlisted as hidden ministers. This phenomena was prevalent in the days of Elijah. He thought he was the only one but God reserved seven thousand others who would not bow the knee to Baal. (See Ro.11:4) You are not alone.               

Aggressive  Pagan Agendas

Witchcraft ruled over Israel during the days of Elijah. Ahab was King for twenty-two years. He perpetuated the sins of Jeroboam. He built temples, instituted demonic priests, and set up altars to worship the golden calf in Bethel and Dan.

Ahab also married the witch, Jezebel, who brought four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of Asherah to rule over God’s people. Baal was, the so called, god of rain and Asherah, Baal’s cohort, was, the so called, god of fertility. Together they promised economic prosperity for Israel but their promise came with a demand for wickedness. To secure rain, child sacrifice was required and to secure fertility, sexual perversion was promoted. Ahab honored the demon gods by building a temple to Baal in Samaria. Baal and Asherah were now worshipped in the nation that once served the Living God. Furthermore, Jezebel rounded up every prophet of the Lord, that she could find, and slaughtered them, so many went undercover. 

The United States of America

Here in America, we find ourselves in a similar situation. For decades, those who have led the nation have been like Jeroboam in ancient Israel. They rejected the temple of God and set up their own temples of influence to promote sexual perversion, to sacrifice the unborn child, and to worship the golden calf. The sexual revolution, the lawlessness of abortion, and the love of money have been worshipped aggressively and promoted ruthlessly on the university campuses, through the songs of popular culture, and on the TV and computer screen.

This Jeroboam-like wave of darkness did not stop at some compromised place of wickedness, but has continued to race forward on its destructive path. In recent years, the spirits of Abab and Jezebel have ruled over America and a stronghold of witchcraft has seized the minds of many. The spirits of Baal and Asherah have taken hold so that child sacrifice is now demanded and celebrated, and sexual perversion, of all sorts, is expected, promoted and worshipped. Homosexuality is taught to our children, as if it is normal behavior. It is promoted by political candidates and emphasized on our news networks.  

America was birthed, like Israel, to be a city set on a hill. It was to be an example of godliness to the world but like other nations, it has become a breading ground for demonic activity.

Today, the spirit of Jezebel is gaining even more power and influence. She is bloodthirsty. With teeth barred and claws flashing, she has her heart set on absolute rule. She aggressively worships the spiritual gods of Baal and Asherah. Her end-goal is to round up and slaughter the prophets of the Lord. She wants to silence their voice, making the church mute and ineffective. 

It is amazing that, just like it was in ancient Israel, many church members have been blinded and swayed by Jezebel’s seductive propaganda.

Enter The Prophets

Ultimately, it took the attacks of Nineveh and Babylon to turn the hearts of Israel back to God. Before that drastic measure, the Lord raised up prophets to, hopefully, turn the hearts of Israel.

The Lord has been raising up prophets in America. We pray that, this time, their coming will shift the high ground over the nation and avert the judgments of Nineveh and Babylon.

As in the days of Elijah, the prophets are working with God to bring about change.

A new fight has begun, our President has taken a strong stand against abortion by electing prolife judges to the seats of judicial power. We are also grateful that several States have taken fresh steps to outlaw abortion, although these efforts will not produce lasting results unless the case for life rises to the Supreme Court.

Undercover Prophets

Besides the great preachers and the powerful prophets we find on digital media, many other believers are becoming more influential in society. Christians are more political now and many are serving as news broadcasters for stations like Fox News. More Christians have become actors and more are producing high quality, God-focused movies. Godly celebrities are on the front lines, visible before the public eye, but millions of godly prophets are working behind the scenes.

Everyone in Israel knew Elijah because he openly challenged Ahab and Jezebel and their demonic gods. He commanded the rain to stop for three years, multiplied food miraculously, raised a dead boy to life, called down fire from heaven, and killed the prophets of Baal and Asherah.

Although Elijah was a champion, he became discouraged because he thought he stood alone in his fight for Israel. Then, the Lord told him that there was seven thousand others who still served the Living God. They, however, were under cover.  

The Prophet Obadiah

The prophet Obadiah, who wrote one of the books of the Bible, was an undercover prophet. He served Ahab as his palace manager. We read,, “Ahab had summoned Obadiah, who was in charge of his palace. (Obadiah was a devout believer in the Lord. While Jezebel was killing off the prophets, Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets and hidden them in two caves, fifty in each, and had supplied them with food and water.) 1Kgs. 18:3-4   

Like others, Obadiah, this undercover prophet, was positioned in the house of his enemy to serve the Lord, incognito. God used him to oppose Ahab and Jezebel by hiding one hundred prophets and feeding them. No doubt, the money and workers he needed for the on-going purchase and transportation of food came from Ahab’s own house.

Are you a visible or an undercover prophet? The Lord is at work in the USA. He is raising up more prophets everyday and most are still unseen.

The United States is in the valley of decision. Many have prayed and fought to rebuild her walls (see Ez. 22:30). That is one of the reasons why God is at work to heal America. His prophets are always being threatened, but they continue to move forward because they know it is time to turn the nation back to God. You are called to take your place on the battle field. Whether you are in the public eye or working behind the scenes, you should prophesy over the land. Influence those you can, vote for the party that supports life, family, Israel and the church. Let’s tear down the high places of witchcraft and rid Jezebel of her power over America.

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