No one is automatically born into the family of God; salvation is a decisive act. It happens when someone prays, God calls, and you respond. Then the spirit of adoption brings you into the family of God. The adoption, however, is not the end of the story, it is the beginning. Male or female, from this point, you either become an orphan or a son. A spiritual orphan is disconnected from the covering and authority of God’s people. An orphan is one who does not have an apostle or a spiritual father in their life. An orphan strives to find his personal identity and be successful in ministry. It is a rough road and in most cases, unless they become a son, they will not reach their full potential. The key to obtaining one’s potential is receiving an inheritance. The Bible says, “To this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing” (1 Pe. 3:9). No person can create this blessing; it is an inheritance. This is like walking through an empty desert, and suddenly coming to the Grand Canyon. You look down and see the massive river. If you find it and get into that river, then God’s abundance comes to you. Spiritually speaking, you must find your inheritance river. When you do, you find the government of God.          

Rivers in Israel

There are only 4 rivers in Israel – the Jordan, Kishon, Yarmouk and the Yakon. All other rivers are run-offs for the rainy season. They flow for a while but dry up and vanish when the dry season comes. That is what happens when ministers choose to be orphans. Their efforts lack longevity because God’s plan for His government is generational.

From time to time, God raises up a new house because the previous inheritance river has stopped flowing. Even then, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain” (Ps 127:1). I recently discovered that Bill Johnson, the pastor of Bethel in California, is a 5th generation minister, and inherited the church that he pastors from his father.

My grandchildren are 6th generation ministers. The fingerprints of God have fashioned our ministry because of the faithfulness of my parents and grandparents on both sides.

Surprising Fingerprints 

About a month ago, I was looking through my parents’ photo album and discovered pictures from Grandpa Derek Prince’s 50th year in the ministry celebration. It took place 23 years ago in 1995. During that event, he laid his hands on me for the third time to pray over me and my ministry calling. He prophesied the passing of his mantel to me. It was powerful but somehow I did not realize where it all happened. As I looked at the photos, suddenly I was surprised to see that it happened in the church building that we now own. Derek Prince Ministries had rented the building for the celebration. Derek preached from the pulpit and prayed over me on the very stage that I now preach from every Sunday. It was just 4 years ago when this 3000 seat church was miraculously put into our hands by its owner. At that time, I had no idea it was the same building where the generational blessing had been passed on to me. The fingerprints of God and the inheritance river are real. The Adoption River

There are several baptisms mentioned in scripture. Two of them, are baptism in water and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a sign that God has received you. The baptism in water is a sign that the church has received you. Both are important. There are no substitutes for either of these events. Without them, a disciple’s life is incomplete. 

Likewise, adoption has 2 parts – adoption by the Holy Spirit into the greater family of God and, more specifically, adoption into a church family. Both are vital and a disciple’s life is incomplete without them.

My Jewish mother was adopted by the Prince family in 1933. Much later, I was born and became eligible for a great spiritual inheritance. Like my adopted mother, you can be adopted into this spiritual family or another family. Find and get into an inheritance river and meet its requirements.

Caleb Finds the Inheritance

Caleb and his family were slaves in Egypt. He was a godly man, but like many Christians today, he struggled in the wrong situation. Read Jos. 14:6-15 and Jos. 15:18-19. God linked Caleb with an inheritance river and he patiently fulfilled God’s requirements. That is why Caleb eventually received a godly inheritance. Here are 7 steps that Caleb took to receive his inheritance. Check them off for your life.     

1. The Government of God

The first thing Caleb found was the government of God. At age 40, he found Moses who became his spiritual father. Moses was genuine and today, he would be an apostle. Like Ruth was with Naomi, Caleb was with Moses.

2. Caleb Refused to Hold Back

Caleb was always outspoken and zealous for the things of God. In the end, he boldly asked Joshua for the inheritance that Moses had promised him. Caleb pushed forward from the first moment that Moses met him. That is why Moses chose him, out of 30,000 men, to represent his tribe.

3. Caleb Loved the Lord

Scripture says that Caleb loved the Lord with all of his heart. Ultimately, you have to love Jesus like that. This is the starting place. It is not about impressing a godly man but loving Jesus so much that you walk with the spiritual father whom Jesus chose. In that man you should see Jesus.

4. Caleb Had Great Faith

It is not good enough to be faithful, you must be a risk-taker. Caleb and Joshua had the faith to face the giants and take the fortified cities of Canaan. Because the other 10 spies didn’t have faith, the entire nation wandered in the wilderness for an additional 40 years. Although it took 45 years, Caleb, received his inheritance because he maintained a life of risk-taking faith. 

5. Caleb Was a Fighter

Are you a fighter? You must fight for your inheritance. At 85, Caleb told Joshua he would drive off the enemies who lived in the land of his inheritance. He had authority from Moses and blessings from Joshua and he went and fought the battle and won his inheritance. The spiritually violent take the kingdom and win it as a prize.

6. Caleb Looked to the Future

I always look 10 years into the future. God is the ever-present I AM, and He has a glorious future for us. You must dream – for you will not have what you cannot see. You may not know how to get there but the prophetic gift must live in you. You must treasure your inheritance in your heart and have faith for it. Caleb pressed toward the future inheritance until he possessed it.

7. Caleb Blessed the Next generation

Our lives and the kingdom of God are about God’s government, family, and generational inheritance. Caleb knew he was old when he was 85. He was not just thinking about himself but what he would pass on to his descendants. We read that Caleb passed his inheritance to his daughter. Scripture says, “Caleb asked her, “What can I do for you?” She replied, “Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me also springs of water.” So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs” (Jos. 15:18-19).   

We are in a season of prophetic fulfillment and playing church-as-usual will not suffice. Lone rangers and prodigals must come home and receive their inheritance but fathers must also rise to godly leadership. A religious pattern of church life that was okay for our forefathers is not enough for these days. We need God’s program. It is in the Bible. It is the New Covenant church.

Jesus commissioned 12 apostles; then revival followed as the church moved under their government. The apostles were sold out for Christ, and together with the church, they turned the world upside down. Find your spiritual father and find your inheritance river.  

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