a time of spiritual civil war

Since the Nov. 2018 midterm elections, the church in America has taken a hit. Demons are emboldened, an ungodly agenda has become more aggressive in the land. A new level of havoc is aimed at God’s people including many personal attacks.

Donald Trump will be accosted and resisted even more than before and we are experiencing an intense spiritual civil war in the nation. During this time, if God’s people will walk before Him in righteousness and faith, they will see amazing personal victories. This battle ground will last for seven months until May or June of 2019. Then the President will be seen to show more compassion to disadvantaged people and the Lord will release a new wave of authority,
favor, and blessings to the President, the nation, and to the church.

This is not a time to relax but to be watchful and diligent in prayer and indeed. Do not be surprised at the battle and do not be anxious, afraid or discouraged when you are attacked. Those who walk with the Lord and proclaim His victory will see it. The testimonies of God’s goodness and protection will be everywhere but those who draw back in fear and frustration will suffer unnecessarily. Lines have been drawn so position yourself as a faithful soldier and take your victory today.

Dr. Peter Wyns

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