Two thousand years ago, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. At that time he opened the ministry vault and released supernatural abilities to all who would partner with him. That mandate is still in effect. “To each one of us [this] grace [for ministry] has been given.” (Eph. 4:7,8) You are on a journey to discover yours. You may know some of your calling, but likely there is much more that you do not know. It is time to activate your ministry and complete more of your destiny and calling in Christ.

All people, including you, were created for God’s purpose. That purpose is to love God, but it is also to partner with him in ministry by extending his love and rule in the earth. Only when you find your God-given role and walk in it, will you be fulfilled. Then you will function as you were designed to function. All are in the game of life, but too many are leaving too much on the table. It is time to give everything to serve the Lord. It is time to get everything off of the table. Your destiny hangs on your ability to obey these two directives.

1. Loving the Lord with all of your heart and mind.  2. Loving your neighbor as yourself.

These sound simple, but they involve a decisive walk with the Holy Spirit. My task is to help you complete the ministry that God has called you to. Look at

Romans chapter 12. This chapter is a veritable manual for ministry and in it, we discover keys that will help you activate your personal ministry. We will divide Romans 12 into 4 sections.

1. Preparation for ministry –verses 1-3

2. Identifying your ministry –verses 4-8

3. Activating your ministry –verses 9-13

4. Guarding your ministry –verses 14-21              

The following is a brief study on each of these themes. Please open your Bible and read each scripture section before we comment on them.

1. Preparation For Ministry  Rom. 12:1-3

Here are 4 steps to help you prepare for your ministry.

· Offer your body as a living sacrifice to God  Vs.1 Give all to God. Whatever detail you hold back is the most important item. Surrender that to God.

· Transform your mind  Vs. 2 Be willing to change your ideas, your lifestyle and even your doctrine. Let God change your thinking, he is the teacher and what you have received needs adjusting.

· Know God’s will for your life  Vs. 2 While you will not know everything now, you can know the call of God and the next steps you are to take. That knowledge comes to all who obey steps 1 and 2.

· Have a sober judgment about yourself  Vs. 3    Being sober-minded has nothing to do with alcohol, but with pride. It involves having an accurate evaluation of yourself. If for example, you think you are an apostle when God has not said it, then you are proud. Likewise, if you put yourself down that is unbelief. Ask God to give you an accurate evaluation of yourself. That is being sober-minded.         

2. Identifying Your Ministry

Read Rom. 12:4-8

Scripture says, “We [all] have

different [ministry] gifts according to the grace given us.” Rom. 12:6

The following is not a complete list, but a sample of what God has for you. Note, these gifts or

abilities are not just for leaders

because leadership is one of the gifts mentioned. Some gifts in the list are already functioning in you. If you have these gifts they will stand out as being extraordinary, spiritual and sometimes supernatural. Check off the gifts that you have. It is time to identify more of your God-given abilities.

Here is the small, partial list of seven ministry gifts. Let the Lord show you the big list and ask him for the ones that are yours.

Prophesying, Serving, Teaching, Encouraging, Giving Financially, Leading & Showing Mercy. Vs.6-8

Note, the instructions Vs.8 these gifts must be exercised with diligence, faith, generosity and cheerfulness. 

Apply the rule of sober-mindedness as you seek to discover your gifts, but expect God to do great things in and through you. Practice those gifts that God has given you and expect him to add many more gifts along the way. As you do they will become more powerful.

3. Activating Your Ministry

Read Rom. 12:9-13

The first word in this section of the scripture is ‘love.’ Vs.9 That is how all of God’s spiritual gifts are activated. They are about blessing, serving, helping and caring for other people. Even though different people have different abilities and gifts, this love list is for everyone. All who want to activate their ministry should obey these verses. Follow them and partner with God. Activate your ministry.

1. Love with sincerity Vs.9 (Care for people and don’t be phony)

2. Hate evil, but cling to what is good Vs.9 (Have pure motives)

3. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love Vs.10  (Treat the people God has joined you to as if they belong to your family)

4. Honor other people Vs.10 (Humility is preferring others)

5. Be zealous, be full of spiritual fervor Vs.11  (Don’t be casual about your faith, your ministry or your activity with God’s people. Put your heart into the work.)

6. Do all you do as service unto the Lord Vs.11 (Serve the Lord at home, at work, with your church family, and in every setting)

7. Be positive Vs.12 (Obey the Lord by being joyful, full of faith and full of hope.)

8. Be patient in affliction Vs.12 (We live in a fallen world. We are at war and are often attacked by evil forces. We must not react, but take a firm stand in faith.)

9. Be faithful in prayer Vs.12(Always, take everything to God with earnest prayer and thankfulness.)

10. Share with God’s people Vs.13(Everyone should give generously to their spiritual brothers and sisters. It may be money, food, clothes or some service, but be a blessing to others.)

11. Practice hospitality Vs.13 (Invite people to your home or take them out for a meal.

      Include others in your life, your world and your family.)

These steps will help activate your spiritual gifts. In addition to all, I have written, have apostles and prophets lay their hands on you and pray for God’s anointing.     

4. Guarding Your Ministry

Read Rom. 12:14-21

Don’t become a victim of Satan’s attack. The more you minister the more you will be attacked, therefore read this scripture section carefully and take these measures to guard your ministry.—Vs.14 Bless those who hurt you. Do not curse them.—Vs.15 Rejoice with the joyful and mourn with the grieving. —Vs.16 Do not be proud but associate with people of low position.—Vs.17 Do not be vengeful, but forgiving. Bless your enemies and pray for God’s good to come on them.—Vs.18 Work hard to live in peace with everyone.—Vs.21 Do not let evil control or overpower you, but overcome evil with good.

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