Every person is designed for a godly purpose. If your existence is just too routine or worse than that, it is a non-stop struggle for survival, than something is missing. If you are faithful to God and family yet still feel that life is meant to be more than what you are experiencing, then you have not found all of your God-given purpose. Inside every person is a seed of purpose. You have been chosen to find your seed of purpose and nurture it until you can say, “I am doing what God created me to do.”

The completion of your life mission is never easy. It is a journey taken by God’s grace and your hard work. Here are 7 aspects of your personal calling that are common to every person:

1. Your calling is designed to make a difference in this world.

2. It is a huge challenge to discover who you are and to find out what your purpose is.

3. As you begin to discover your ultimate purpose, you will walk through the gates of greatness.

4. It will be hard work, but you must build your own highway to achieve your goals.

5. Along the way, you must remove the stones that obstruct the pathway to your destiny and future.

6. Every person’s God-given mission will ultimately involve helping other people.

7. Once you are fulfilling your ministry, you should wave it like a banner. Let it reach the nations.

Perhaps you are thinking, “surely all of us are not designed for greatness.” I believe that everyone is created for great purpose because they are made in the image of God. Godly purpose happens when you make a significant difference in this world; over the course of your life you accomplish great things.   

There are many things that may hinder the destiny of your life. If curses are not broken, sacrifices are not made or life is cut short or distracted by darkness or sin, then your destiny will be greatly hindered this side of heaven.

Even if you are a late bloomer, however, you can still find your God-given purpose. The Bible tells stories of heroes like Noah, Abraham, Moses, Daniel, David, and Joseph who overcame trials and rose to great purpose. The attacks of other people, life circumstances or even the works of the devil did not stop them from completing their purpose. As we read their stories we realize that their journeys were loaded with troubles. Whether you are male or female, younger or older, there is a journey that you should take. Your journey is to find and complete your God-given purpose.

Here are 5 directives for the journey. Although these words were first given as instructions for Israel, the principles apply to you. 

Isaiah said, “Go through, Go through the Gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway! Take out the stones, Lift up a banner for the peoples!” Isa. 62:10


The gates are huge beautiful doors that initiate the purpose of the Lord in your life. Each of you has magnificent gates that are designed just for you. Finding those gates means discovering who you are, what your life should focus on and what you should do.

Once God begins to reveal these gates, you must begin to go through them.

Going through the gates of purpose involves a battle. One must decide to proceed at all costs and realize that this is expensive.

Salvation is free, but finding your God-given purpose will cost you everything. The operative words are, “discover what’s yours” and “go through.” As you begin to discover God’s purpose for your life and walk through the gates, you will find yourself on holy ground. You will be excited and you will feel God’s pleasure.


No one else will build your highway, but God will show you what steps you must take and what is involved in building your personal pathway to purpose. It will involve hard work, training, learning from others and taking risky steps that lead you forward. Many people are waiting for someone else to open the doors of opportunity for them. Do not wait for that; life will pass you by and whatever you do get from others will not be yours. It is good to partner with others to accomplish some goals, but you should build that which belongs to you – that which is your personal destiny. At the end of your days, you need to know that you have personally made a difference.


Whether there are pebbles in your shoe or huge boulders across your path, you have stones that must be removed. Generational curses hinder your journey. Furthermore, pride, selfishness, an inferiority complex, laziness, and addictions are works of the flesh that will slow you down. Poverty, sickness, and family strife are signs of demonic interference that must also be overcome. Everyone needs God’s help to remove the stones and some will not be removed at the start of the journey. Removing all of the stones is a life-long work of sanctification. It is humbling to see the stones that block your path because they highlight your weakness. All is not lost, through Christ, your failures can be overcome.

Scripture says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: For the Lord upholds him with his hand.” Ps. 37:23,24

The Lord holds good people in his hands, even when they fall. By God’s grace, you should get up, remove the stones and press on in purpose.


Everyone’s calling is to bless people. Prepare a way for others. Whatever your destiny is, it involves helping people. The first 3 aspects of finding your purpose involve personal preparation. However, do not think you must complete those before you can start to help others.

While finding out who you are and what you should do, you go through the gates. As you mature, you focus on building a highway so that you can complete your calling. Along the way, you clear away the stones and allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify you. Your ultimate mission is to help other people. You do this by encouraging, teaching, delivering, freeing, giving, supporting, upholding, and through a hundred other creative ways – you care for people.


As your gifts and purpose unfold, you lift them high as a testimony of what the Lord has done. The banner of your ministry should reach the nations. Let what you do be waved like a flag and passed on to the next generation through teachings, impartations, books, songs, stories, miracles, programs and testimonies. Walk on; fulfill your godly purpose.

Find and go through the gates of your purpose, build your own highway, remove the stones, bless people, fly your banner for all to see and do it all for God’s glory.

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