Since the past mid-term election, the church in America has been shaken. The US president is suffering increased personal attacks, and the powers of darkness have been emboldened. Progress toward a stronger Judeo-Christian ethic in America has been temporarily sidelined. The battle has become more severe and it was intense already. During this season, we can expect a more aggressive anti-bible agenda to be released in America. Christians feel a change in the atmosphere and know that the church will experience tough resistance as they endeavor to hold ground. Individuals will find spiritual breakthrough more difficult and many will be tempted to flounder. We are in need of fortification and strength. Certain people are called to stand in the gap and build up the wall during times like this. They are God’s special forces. They are dynamic people who do not flinch in times of battle. These soldiers are not deterred by heightened warfare. Their resolve does not change and their pursuit of God’s kingdom does not fall to the ground. They are fighters who lift up the name of Jesus in good times and in bad ones. They are the dynamic people of God and they are ready for difficult times.                  

Bible Heroes

Hebrews 11 give us a long list of extraordinary heroes who lived is much worse times than the ones we now face. It was their faith that overcame the world and enabled them to accomplish partnership with God. They did exploits beyond the limitations of logic. They were known as God’s friends.

Noah built an ark, Moses led a multitude through the desert and Abraham journeyed to the promise land. Daniel led several demonic kings to the knowledge of God and David rescued a fallen nation. These and so many more carried the testimony that God’s kingdom cannot fail and His purpose is unstoppable. They did this under great duress in the most difficult of times. So it will be here in the USA during this season of time. Unknown to most, God has His mighty men and women in position. They may be unseen but their efforts will not fail. In God’s time they will emerge and their purpose will become evident. As in ancient times, they move the plans of God into the next stage. Get ready.    


From the Jerusalem after he had evangelized Samaria. Philip discovered that by himself, he did not have everything that the people needed. After Samaria, God led him to the Ethiopian eunuch in the desert. Then, he went up the coastal towns until he reached Caesarea. From that point on, Philip ministered with others.

In Acts 13 we find 5 prophets and teachers who were ministering unto the Lord as a team. During their time of prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke and launched Saul and Barnabas to their first missionary journey. The 3 other men on the team were Simon, Lucius, and Manaen.

Just like with Jesus, here again, two were sent out together. Saul and Barnabas took other ministers with them and left for Cyprus. Their missionary journeys were powerful. They saw souls saved, churches planted and revivals break-out in different places. They experienced apostolic synergism as they partnered together with different apostles and other five-fold ministry leaders. When we look at Paul’s journeys, we discover at least 27 team members traveled with him at one time or another. It is interesting to note that 5 of the ministers on the apostolic teams were women. Women were also included, along with the male disciples, on the ministry journeys of Jesus. Ladies travelled with Jesus and participated as part of His team. These ladies also helped support Jesus financially. See Luke 8:1-3.

Not Always Smooth

The early ministry teams did not always function smoothly. When Saul and Barnabas left Antioch on their first journey, they took John Mark with them as a helper. He was the cousin of Barnabas, the son of Mary in whose house the prayer meeting was being held when Peter was released from Jail by the angel. John Mark was part of the church and had history with the disciples, but he was young and still in training. See Acts 12:12, 23 / 13:5. The team travelled to several ports but upon arriving at Pamphylia, John Mark quit and went home. Later, when it was time to go on their 2nd missionary journey, Barnabas wanted to take John Mark. Paul refused and an argument followed that was so intense that Paul and Barnabas parted company and went on separate missionary journeys. Instead of Barnabas, Paul chose Silas. See Acts 13:13 / 15:36-40.

It is challenging to work together with other leaders. The more gifted the ministers, the more difficult it is to work together, but gifted ministers are needed. Each is convinced of God’s direction and wants to be faithful. Humility is needed to work together and ministry fathers are needed to unify leaders. When Jesus led His team, division was minimized because Jesus is the everlasting Father. See Isa. 9:6.

A local church also needs a strong team. It is not a one man show. The leaders of the Jerusalem church preached daily and gave oversight to the local church as a strong united team. See Acts 4, 5, 6, 13 and 15. 

Fatherhood in God’s Government

Paul was successful with his travelling team because he was a father. Titus, Timothy, Apollos, Phoebe, Aquila and Priscilla, Euodia and Syntyche are just a few of the leaders who revered Paul and added great strength to his team. Even with Paul’s leadership gift, he could not always hold things together.

The mandate of the Church will only be completed with anointed 5-fold ministry teams that work together in unity. Today, the church is disjointed and strong leaders are alienated from one another because we lack the fathers that can draw the leaders together. Only proven fathers who have Godly authority can facilitate apostolic synergism.

A day is coming when strong apostolic fathers will emerge and be received by the church family. Then apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers will work together with an amazing level of Holy Spirit authority. Then we will see apostolic synergism and when the church walks under their leadership it will rise as a mighty army.

Pray for Apostolic Synergism

In the past, many apostles and prophets have failed to fulfill their calling. Please pray that the Lord will equip and strengthen a new generation of 5-fold ministers. Let’s pray that teachers will teach the revelation of God’s government to the church. And finally, let’s pray for apostolic synergism so that Holy Spirit teams will turn the world up-side-down for Christ. 

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