Our house is situated on a twenty-five mile-long, man-made lake, with a dam at either end. Recently, we experienced a week of heavy rain. In anticipation of the downpour, the local power company closed the floodgates at the top of the lake. The lake began to empty and the water level dropped so drastically that our dock, which is eight feet high, had no water around it, but was surrounded only by mud. Then the rains came and Duke Power threw open the floodgates. The water rushed in and within twelve hours the water rose more than twelve feet and the dock was submerged. Standing on the shore, I looked down into the water but I could not even see the dock because the water level was so high. Some folks seem surrounded by only mud, as if a spiritual dam is holding back God’s blessings. The Lord says, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse…. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Mal. 3:10  

America’s Floodgates

America is poised and positioned for a long season of great blessings. This year will be the best year for Christians in recent history, but we have a part to play in order for this to happen. The Lord is giving us direction and the church is rising to the call. It began at the start of the year. All over America, Christians began fasting as the Holy Spirit led them. That was step number one. Then within the first month, a God-ordained mantle of prayer fell on the people and that is step number two. Spiritual momentum is gathering as we obey the Lord. Now the Lord is calling us to step number three. He is wanting us to trust Him and put our house in order. Less than one quarter of Christians pay their tithes and offerings, yet countless blessings are connected to this commandment. Malachi chapter three tells us to test the Lord in this, for blessings or curses are released over those who tithe and those who do not. 

Blessings over your life, your family, and over the USA have been placed in the hands of the church. Faithful tithing and generous giving will throw open the floodgates of heaven and God will respond by pouring out such abundant blessings that we will not be able to contain them.

Why Do Some Christians Refuse to Tithe?

There are three voices that can speak inside our heads; The Lord’s, the devil’s and our flesh. The Lord’s voice is always right but it is often not convenient. The devil’s voice is blasphemous. The voice of our flesh is the lawyer. That voice makes an excuse, looks for the easy path and argues our way out of obeying the Lord.

Our flesh will tell us that tithing is just an Old Testament law and we are now free from that. Our flesh will say that we cannot afford to pay our tithes because we will not have enough money left over to meet our commitments. Our flesh will tell us we can pay our tithe to our needy children or others as we see fit.

To be in step with God requires obedient faith. Abraham, the father of the faith, was the first person, recorded in scripture, to pay a tithe and he gave it to the priest. Abraham lived five-hundred years before Moses and five-hundred years before the Old Covenant law was given. Tithing was not initiated through the law, nor did it stop once the New Testament came. In two separate places, Jesus tells the Pharisees that they needed to pay their tithes. In Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42 He tells them they needed to love people, love God and treat people justly and also to pay their tithes. Tithing is not just an Old Testament concept for those under an ancient law, Jesus spoke of it so it applies for us today.  

Do You Have Faith?

Malachi teaches us that tithing and giving of offerings (which is over and above the ten percent) will result in such amazing blessings. He says that pests will not devour your crops nor will your fruit drop to the ground before it is ripe.

Some folks are always struggling with repairs and they are unable to keep up with their expenses. The Lord says, pay your tithes and your money will go further because He will keep the pests away and allow you to keep more of your finances.

Do you trust God? He can make a little go a long way if you trust Him. Tithing and giving generously requires faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit. If you refuse to tithe, you rob yourself and you rob God. See Malachi 3:8-9.

So tithing and giving offerings are not from an old law that is now obsolete; rather, they are part of your New Covenant faith. Furthermore the tithe is not for the needs of family members or directives that we may think are good causes. The tithe was given to the priests and Levites who put them in the Lord’s storehouse. We must trust God with the giving and who and where we give it to. It should go to the place where you get spiritually fed (to your priest – so to speak)

Tithes & Offerings as Weapons of War

Every time the Israelites won a righteous victory they had a reformation. They reestablished the celebration of the feasts and restored the offerings and the tithe to God’s house and God covered them and blessed them. It is like the last thing we must do to secure the victory.


As soon as Nehemiah restored the broken down walls of Jerusalem he reinstituted the tithe. In fact the tithe is mentioned more in the book of Nehemiah than in any other book in the Bible. The victory of the Lord becomes solid and secure when we give our tithes and offerings unto God.


This also happened with Abraham. As previously mentioned, Abraham paid a tithe to Melchizedek. The kings of Sodom kidnapped Lot and his family and Abraham (when he was eighty years old) travelled two hundred miles with his small army to rescue them. On his way home he met Melchizedek and gave him a tenth of everything he had. He fought a huge battle and won the victory. He was very tired but he needed to establish the victory. He secured the blessing by sacrificing the tithe and the offerings unto the Lord. And the priest blessed him. The tithe is our confession of thanksgiving and reliance on the Lord who gives us the victory every day and in every situation. Otherwise we could become proud, thinking that our own strengths and abilities are the reason for our success. 


At the end of the Old Testament we find the book of  Malachi. Between Malachi and Matthew are four hundred silent years. No angels, healing miracles or prophetic words were given during this time.

The next angelic visitation would take place when Gabriel came to Mary to announce the conception and birth of Christ the Lord.

This would be the greatest victory that Israel would ever know. It is fitting therefore, that Malachi emphasized the blessing and curses of giving or not giving the tithe to the Lord.


Malachi told us to pay our tithes and watch the Lord throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out blessings. This is for our families and our nation. It will be more than we can contain.

Whenever God’s people are not faithful with their tithes and offerings, it is a sign of sin and worldliness in the camp.

America is at a crossroads and we must press through and secure the victory of the Lord. Our tithes and offerings will throw open the floodgates over the USA. We must mix our generous giving with love and justice but spiritual victories are always connected with the tithe and offerings. Do your part. Be in step with God. Give Him what belongs to Him and He will bless you.  

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  1. Patricia Ward February 24, 2020

    Thank you for sharing a few of the well known stories of truth out of the living Bible about tithe. Yes I see it in my life the blessings of giving into the storehouse and of our lives for others giving Cod the Glory. So many great causes to donate to, Holy Spirit will lead me to send to this season. In my heart for years I’ve wanted to send and also come and visit your place of worship. Will see the both of you someday! Blessings of Love! Patty Ward

    1. CFM Staff February 24, 2020

      Patty, we are grateful you have connected with us here. Blessings to you! We hope to see you one day at Antioch. May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you, raise His countenance toward you and give you peace! Blessings.


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