We want to see every person become a believer, every believer become a disciple and every disciple become a minister. This requires a spiritual journey and everyone’s journey is different. If we persevere and pursue God, we receive a call and as we embrace the call there is always an increase in God’s kingdom. Souls get saved, miracles happen and more disciples are made and commissioned. A disciple is a believer who has become a true son or daughter of the Lord. They are more than a servant; their lives have become their father’s business. The call is very dangerous. It is like a stick of dynamite. It is so powerful it can change the world for good, but if not handled with care, it can blow up in your hand and kill you.        


The Lord has gone to great lengths to save us and He presses forward, constantly drawing us to His eternal plan. We are being conformed to the image of His Son. That is more than a character change; it is a life focus change, it is the call. Somewhere, at some time, someone who was God’s friend prayed for us and God honored them and came after us. Then He calls us to the mission of partnership but it comes with many warnings because He knows that we can self implode if we fail to keep our eyes on Him. His love won us to His side and He continues to take risks by calling us to represent Him before the world. The Lord is our prize and those who are faithful and obedient become His prize. That is the blessing of being included in God’s family.     


Thomas was called to be one of the twelve apostles. On the night of the resurrection, Christ met with His disciples but Thomas was not there. Sometimes we miss the moment of divine impartation because we are drawn away from a gathering for good reasons. We can’t be everywhere at once. Thomas was a godly man, chosen of the Lord, and I do not believe that he missed this appointed time without having a good reason. Maybe God even planned for Thomas to be absent so he would learn a lesson he would never forget.

Later, the disciples told Thomas they had seen the Lord. Thomas was not a blind follower, he was his own man; he was a leader. He said he would not be convinced unless he saw for himself. Perhaps you can relate to Thomas.


Then it happened, one week later Jesus appeared to His faithful again and, this time, Thomas was present. They were in a room with the doors locked and suddenly Jesus was standing in their midst. After greeting the disciples, as if no one else was in the room, Jesus turned His full attention to Thomas. He said, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Stop doubting and believe” Jn. 20: 27.

He had heard all of the conversations that Thomas had with the other disciples. It does not matter where you are coming from or what is needed to get you grafted into the call, God knows your situation. He knows what is inside of you, and if you are ready, He will see that you receive the call. From that moment, Thomas was totally committed. He became one of the most powerful ministers of the Gospel in all of history. In days to come, he would initiate and lead the India mission to share the love and grace of God with that Hindu nation.    


My grandfather Derek Prince used to say, “There are two things that are never convenient; judgment day and the call of God on your life.”

In some ways, you may be like Thomas. You are a disciple and God is calling you to be a minister. This transition journey is one designed just for you. No one else is on your journey. This is a journey of God’s initiation and not your own. Along the way, you will likely miss some important steps but the Lord will not give up on you. Perhaps the lessons you learn, because of your failures, will produce a strength in you that will ultimately help you fulfill your mission. You are called to greatness so that God can be seen through you. When God has matured you, you will be resolute, committed, faithful, courageous, focused, humble, skillful, gracious, explosive and powerful.


There are no shortcuts on this journey; the Lord is looking for both character and gifting. You may find great purpose and success at the start of your journey. Then you will learn the hard lessons later. These are lessons of God’s grace that you thought you knew but they must become an impartation from Him.

Others will learn lessons early and only see ministry success later in life. Both journeys are commonplace for disciples, and one is not better than the other. Derek Prince became a very successful minister only in the last half of his life, while other great ministers like Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd and George Whitefield led revivals in their youth.


1. The best ministers learn the lesson of the tribe. They were not independent, lone rangers. Strong ministers who are not submitted to a tribe often burn out or self implode. On the day of Pentecost, Thomas was connected to the tribe. Scripture tells us that, on that day, Peter stood up with the eleven. They were submitted one to another.

2. The best ministers know the moment of their undeniable call and no one can take it from them. That minister knows they belong to God and it is He who has sent them.

3. The best ministers have amazing courage. Once they are assured of God’s will, they do it and leave the consequences to Him. A bold ministry move must always be accompanied by strong confirmations and apostolic review.

4. The best ministers are always listening and learning. They are not legalistic or inflexible but totally submitted to the school of the Spirit. They grow spiritually and this makes them wiser, more loving, more courageous and more supernatural.  

5. The best ministers humbly extend themselves as God’s ambassadors. They extend the unexplainable power of God. Jesus said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven” Jn. 20: 23.

You may be a strong person like Thomas. May your God-given strength become your dynamite call. 

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Instructions in Righteousness is produced by “Christians for Messiah Ministries” (CFM). Dr. Peter Wyns is the President of CFM and the Head Pastor of Antioch International Church. He has served as a pastor for 54 years and ministered in more than 45 nations.

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