On April 25, 2006, a messenger angel came and interrupted my sleep.   He cried out with a voice that was so loud that my whole body shook violently. It was as if I was experiencing an earthquake.   He yelled, “Look !” I bolted up in bed.   Immediately I asked the Lord what I was to look for.    I opened the curtains and peered out into the darkness.   I walked around the house, but I discovered nothing.   I went back to bed and had an amazing dream.        


In my dream, I was seated at a long table with friends on either side. They were men although I did not see their faces. A friendly orange tabby cat wanted on my lap. My friend gave it a bite to eat. I refused to play with the cat and I saw it no more.


Suddenly, an angel approached the table. He was a middle-aged man with short hair, dressed in an expensive suit. I knew he was in charge. He was full of dignity, but he showed no emotion, nor did he look at me. We were to receive a meal, but the food preparation seemed to take a long time.


Suddenly, another angel appeared. She was a tall, thin woman with short hair. She was carrying two wonderful looking pizzas, which she placed on a serving table. They looked absolutely delicious. She proceeded to serve one to me, but tripped over her own feet and the pizza went flying through the air. I watched it fall. It did not hit the floor, but landed on the serving tray that was now sitting on the floor beneath it. The pizza was safe, but it landed crooked on the plate.


I looked at the angel in charge. Immediately he served me a huge bowl of orange ice cream with tangerine sections on top. I spoke up, half joking. “I see we are having our dessert first,” I said.


He did not look at me or show any emotion. He simply fixed the problem and went on with his task. Then the lady angel placed the tasty looking pizza in front of me and I woke up.


I asked for the interpretation of the dream. The Holy Spirit said, “The angels are your provision angels. It is their responsibility to see that you are blessed and provided for. The cat represents distractions in life. They may be good distractions, but it is best not to focus on them.”


I was still a bit puzzled. Why did the food take so long to come from the kitchen and why was the serving angel so clumsy? I think of angels as being flawless, not clumsy.


The Lord said. “The angels are neither slow nor clumsy. You did not see the invisible demons hindering the work in the kitchen, nor did you see the invisible demon who tripped the angel who was serving you. I did not want you to see the demons because I wanted you to focus on the provision angels that were serving you. They will take care of you and assist you as you fulfill your destiny, but they must fight many battles. When things appear to come late or in unconventional ways, it is because your angels have encountered opposition.”


Jesus said to his disciples.


“Go and make disciples,.. teaching them to obey everything,.. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


Mt. 28: 19,20  


When we walk the paths God has planned for us, he always goes ahead of us. Our personal provisions and our destiny provisions - are supplied. He goes before us by sending provision angels ahead of us.


An angel, for example, was sent from heaven to provide for King Darius.


The angel said, “In the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him.” Dan. 10: 21 


The Lord has an angel who will take his stand to support and protect you. That is how Jesus goes before you. To emphasis this fact, let’s look at one of the most mystical themes in scripture: the order of Melchizedek.


Notice the awesome message of Hebrews six and seven.


1. God makes an oath to end all arguments.  Heb. 6: 16


2. He makes an oath to tell us that these promises can never change.  Heb 6: 17


3. He promises two things to greatly encourage us.       Heb. 6: 18


4. They are the anchor for our soul.  Heb. 6: 19


5. The first oath is - Jesus is a high priest forever and he goes before us.  Heb. 6: 20


6. The second is - his priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek. Heb. 6: 20


7. The order of Melchizedek means “the power of an indestructible life.” Heb. 7: 16


God promised two things by an oath so that we would be greatly encouraged. These will hold us like an anchor through any storm that life can throw our way.


First, Jesus our high priest intercedes, provides and goes before us - forever.


Secondly, he has the power of an indestructible life. Jesus, our high priest is all powerful.


He cannot be defeated. 


“We have this hope as an anchor of the soul, firm and secure.” Heb. 6: 19


Jesus has gone before us into the heavens, but he also goes before us here on earth.


Joy and I live by faith and every day we see his miraculous provision. Here is just one story. We could tell you many. May all we share be to God’s glory.


A couple of weeks ago, we were traveling to Miami to preach at the Easter Sunday service. The night before, I took exactly $100 in cash from the bank. Halfway to Miami our car began shaking violently. We discovered that one of our tires had ballooned and was ready to explode. We exited the highway, but all repair shops were closed because it was 4:00 Saturday afternoon, on Easter weekend. Without any human help, the Holy Spirit led us miles off the highway to the only repair shop open in the county. They sold good used tires. In just 20


minutes they replaced all 4 tires and charged us exactly  $100 – “cash only.” They would not take a credit card. We rejoiced as we resumed our journey. The angel of the Lord was going before us.


For an entire month, the Holy Spirit has been teaching us about our provision angels.


If you are walking in God’s will, Jesus and his angels are going ahead of you. That is his sacred oath to you and it is the very anchor of your soul. 

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