Kenya Mission

October 28 – November 9, 2023


We ministered to pastors in local churches, orphanage children and people in the local area.

Thank you for your strong support.


Kenya Mission Trip


The Kenya November 2023 Mission Trip Has Begun


At the orphanage
At the orphanage


At the orphanage
At the orphanage


We went to Mt. Elgon nature preserve





Pastor Isaac Chegero sent a video of the celebration and dancing.


Many more came as they got off from work.

Dr. Peter Wyns spoke of the power of hearing God and more than 100 repented of their sins and came to Christ.


Hundreds of young people came to the crusade


The worship and dance happened for two hours before Dr. Peter Wyns preached and one hour after. The youth were one of four praise teams.


The pastors training sessions have begun. The theme is empowerment. The first meeting started at 9:30 and went until 1:00. It was a very powerful time.


Jesus gave the water that was not in the well. It is 6am and the leaders of 100 children and workers come in turn for water to wash and drink. This is the hour they start every day.


4000 praising God – many of them are youth


Pastor Isaac Chegero provided this video of the celebration of praise and worship.


Dr. Peter Wyns preached about the love of God in His people.


Dr. Peter Wyns wrote on NEXUS Mountain Network the following message: “The mission to Kenya has been amazing. 300 came to our 4 day pastors training. 4000 attended and many thousands more listened from their homes, for the 5 evening crusades. More than 1000 youth attended – Hundreds came to Christ – and the church of the region was encouraged and greatly impacted. What a powerful Holy Spirit time we had.”


School graduation ceremony in Kenya


A graduation cake


Cutting the graduation cake


On the last day of ministry in Kenya, after the school graduation ceremony, Dr. Peter Wyns taught an art class to 40 students. Here is their work.


Dr. Peter Wyns teaching class


Dr. Peter Wyns painting


Painting class


Their finished paintings


The best 6


1st in class. His name is Wisdom.


Wisdom’s painting


We brought many clothes for the children


Registrations for the wellness clinic


The team ministered to 244 patients at the wellness clinic


The wellness clinic


Testing for high blood pressure, fever, diabetes, worms and other maladies


Dori provided this sewing cabinet


She provided many other supplies for the girls sewing class


Dori provided a new electric sewing machine


Rachel led the sports activities




Our mission in Kenya was a great success


Below are the Shalom Recovery Educational Centre’s newsletters. Those on the mission trip were guests of Pastor Isaac Chegero who heads this center.

Shalom Recovery Educational Centre’s August 2023 Newsletter


Shalom Recovery Educational Centre September 2023 Newsletter


Shalom Recovery Educational Centre October 2023 Newsletter


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