Usually we travel in February, but this year we will go in September. Within a day of putting our tour-plans in motion, I felt the Lord gave me a word regarding our visit. For the first time in thirty trips to Israel, the Lord told me to pray and prophesy over Israel-on four different mountains. I knew the Lord was leading me so I announced it publicly at our next church service. A day later, a prominent prophet in the United States called and asked if we could meet. I had heard of this man. His godly reputation and the testimony of his powerful gifting had preceded him. When we met, we had a great time of fellowship as we shared the goodness and greatness of God in our lives. Then, during our visit, he said a few prophetic words over me that confirmed the leading of the Holy Spirit and his words opened the Israel assignment to a different level. Right now, I am being lead by the Holy Spirit with a new directive.


There is much more to tell regarding Israel, but first let us talk about the leading of the Holy Spirit in general, and how that works in our lives. The leading of the Lord is like an adventurous scavenger hunt. You receive a clue, then you run in response to the info you received. You reach the station and receive your prize. Then you fulfill a task at that station. In time, you receive another clue and immediately race to the next station. It may be in a different direction and at a different elevation but when you arrive you receive a reward, a promotion, and a new assignment. You continue following clues, running with abandonment, finding new stations, and fulfilling your task. This is your life journey. The leading of the Holy Spirit with clues and confirmations may be for a month long assignment, but it may be one that helps define the destiny of your life’s purpose. If so, you will look back at the pathway you have traveled and see that God was in every step of the journey. That even at times when you did not understand or appreciate the experience, you thank God because you realize it was a necessary training for what He wanted you to do in the future.

The winners of spiritual scavenger hunts activate careful listening, bold courage, extraordinary faith and immediate obedience. I remember a scavenger hunt that I organized for my grandchildren. I watched as one team did not listen carefully to the instructions and missed an important step. Because of it they went in the wrong direction for fifteen minutes, until they realized they had missed the correct path. In their excitement they ran ahead of the master plan and ended up on a path of their own making. It happens with Christians who are overly ambitious or with those who listen to a persuasive voice that is not leading correctly.

You must learn to function like a detective. Find the fingerprints of the God for every major decision in your life. The task of finding and identifying fingerprints is called dactyloscopy. Skilled officers can find an invisible fingerprint on any hard surface. They use powders, chemicals and blue light to discover whose hands were here. In 2012 the FBI had over seventy-two million known fingerprint samples on file. Once verified, fingerprints become evidence in a court of law. You should listen to God and look for His fingerprints in your life. If you look with the eyes of faith you will see them in your history but also for your present and future directives. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. Once you discover God’s fingerprints, then confirm them. Once confirmed they will hold true in your own court of evaluation and judgment. Then you must run in the right direction toward the goal the Lord laid before you. Only, be ready for the next word from God to lead you even further. That requires flexibility, new faith, and daily dependence on the Lord for details.
Israel Mountain
Let’s get back to the Israel trip. The prophet who confirmed the leading of the Lord concerning my time in Israel knew nothing of my trip or what I had said to our congregation. He prophesied to me that part of my destiny was to prophesy to the four winds that are connected to the ends of the earth in order that life may burst forth, and that this message for me was from the book of Ezekiel. Of course my name is Wyns and my co-workers in the church are Elizabeth and Jesse Enns. When you say these names out loud, they sound the same as winds and ends. When I got home I endeavored to look at this verse in Ezekiel. Putting my Bible on my lap I opened it to find Ezekiel. Without turning another page, the bible opened to the exact verse about prophesying to the four winds. It was in the chapter of the valley of dry bones. It said, “Prophesy to the breath...and say to it, ’This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Come, breath, from the four winds and breathe into these slain, that they may live.’ ...and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet-a vast army...these bones are the people of Israel.” Ezekiel 37:9-11
My assignment for this trip to Israel was becoming clearer. I began to search for the other three prophecies to speak on the mountain tops of Israel. There are thirty prophecies that Ezekiel was told to proclaim. I discovered that twenty-six of them were statements of judgment over the nations and cities in the region, but only four were positive prophecies for Israel. Scripture says: 1. Prophesy over the mountains of Israel that the land might be prosperous and be blessed, and it happened. 2. Prophesy over the dry bones to come together and they did and flesh and skin came on the bones. 3. Prophesy breath from the four winds into the dead bodies and they came to life and stood, the whole house of Israel. 4. Prophesy to the people of Israel and they came out of their graves and lived in the land for eternity. I realize that these are the four end-time prophecies for Israel; blessings on the land, the people coming together as a nation, revival and spiritual life coming to them, and their physical resurrection and eternal placement in the end.
I know what I will do in Israel. Do you know the leading of the Lord in your life? Are you listening, confirming, and running forward in obedience to His leading?
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  1. dennis e tignor May 9, 2022

    Pastor Wyns, Judy is asking you to remember her in your prayers. She will be having total knee replacement on her right knee on July 19 at Mercy Hospital. She will have the left done a few months later. She has much confidence in you. Thanks you and God Bless. Dennis Tignor

  2. Jerry Palmeri May 9, 2022

    This is an excellent article Its analagy is an exact type of our life and the Lords leading.precept upon precept. line upon line. here a little there a little. The next step appears as you complete the last one.May my life follow after this example. Thanks for the podcast. awesome


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